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BrunFnd label Effectiveness Initiatives
  • Projects

    The Bruner Foundation has funded, supported and evaluated a number of projects related to building evaluative capacity. Below is a sample of that work:

    Sustaining Evaluative Capacity (2010-2012)

    Two separate projects specifically designed to deepen evaluation skills in service-provider organizations where readiness and existing evaluative capacity were known from prior evaluation capacity grants.

    Evaluative Thinking in Philanthropy/E-TIP (2010)
    A project involving two place-based Grantmakers, E-TIP was designed to enhance evaluative capacity at the organizational level. Four two-hour sessions included topics such as "What is evaluation and how can it be used by Grantmakers?" and "What is the relationship between program evaluation and evaluative thinking?"

    E-TIP provided an opportunity for Grantmakers to contribute to the refinement of Bruner Foundation's evaluation materials: FIVE GUIDEBOOKS FOR GRANTMAKERS

    Evaluative Thinking in Organizations/ETHOS (2004-2005)
    A year-long interactive study to determine and assess the use of evaluative thinking in 12 organizations.

    Rochester Effectiveness Partnership/REP (1996-2003)
    A self-governing partnership of funders, non-profit service provider organizations and evaluation professionals, this multi-year initiative involved comprehensive training, guided evaluations and alumni study groups to increase knowledge and use of participatory program evaluation.